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Carpool and Save!


Share a ride with a carpool partner or group and save big! You'll save gas, wear and tear on your car, the environment and money! There are two carpool matching services for commuters in Santa Barbara County to use. One is Carma, a smartphone app, and the other is our traditional online carpool matching hosted at Traffic Solutions Online. Read more for details on using both methods.

*NEW!*  SBCC students invited to join the Ojai to SB Carpool Community

If you live in Ojai and commute to Santa Barbara or SBCC, this group is for you. Complete this form and/or join our next meet-up.

Ojai Carpool Pizza Mixer
Thursday, Nov. 20th, 2014. 6:00 7:30 pm
Ojai Pizza 331 E. Ojai Ave.

Carma logoCarma Carpooling App

Traffic Solutions is helping commuters and SBCC students with a new carpool matching tool called Carma. Its a smartphone app that enables you to find or offer rides back and forth to work or campus. However, this system will only work if many commuters and students download the app and give it a try.

At SBCC, as part of a student carpooling pilot project, Traffic Solutions will offer the first 75 students a $25 Amazon card just for completing the first trip using Carma (both riders and drivers are eligible through the end of December).

SBCC Students - It's easy to join!

1. Download the Carma app on your  Android or iPhone
2. Create your profile and enter your trip information
3. Request or offer a ride to campus
4. Earn a $25 Amazon card for making your first Carma trip
5. Save or earn money for each trip you carpool
For more info, call Traffic Solutions at 805-963-SAVE (7283)

Download the app on your Android or iPhone  and start carpooling today.

How Can I Get Into a Carpool for my Daily Commute?

If you're looking for a consistent carpool partner, it's easy.  Simply register with Traffic Solutions Online and instantaneously generate a list of interested carpoolers, 24 hours a day. Register and tell us about your commute to work -- where you live, where you work and what time you usually start and end work. You'll be able to generate a free matchlist of people who live near you, work near you, and have similar schedules.

Can I Carpool Without a Car?
Sure! Traffic Solutions Online will help you find carpool partners who have an available vehicle. Then you can chip in some money for your share of the driving, gas and maintenance in exchange for a ride.
What if I'm looking for a Long-Distance or One-time Carpool?
Traffic Solutions Online is currently designed for daily commuter trips within Santa Barbara County or into Santa Barbara County from neighboring counties. To find a carpool for a long or one-time trip, there are other services available.  Here is a list of these services (ZimRide and GoLoco are Facebook applications):
Should I Carpool Every Day?

Lots of people do, but even if you can't, carpool as many days as you can. Remember, every day of the week you carpool saves 20% -- not just money, stress and traffic congestion -- but 20% of the pollutants that would normally go into the air. A great way to start is carpooling one day a week! Review your schedule and plan on one day when you can stick to a normal routine.

If at First You Don't Succeed...
If you don't find anyone with whom to carpool the first time, don't give up -- keep trying!  Names are regularly added to Traffic Solutions Online.
More Carpooling Tips:
  • You don't have to carpool everyday. Some people are interested in carpools that are on an on-call basis, some one or two days a week, while others prefer carpools that have a regular schedule. Carpools are a very flexible alternative and can be tailored to your needs.

  • Park & Ride Lots are available in some locations.

  • If you feel uncomfortable taking the first step in setting up a carpool, call us at Traffic Solutions.

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