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Bicyclist Education:


For the Workplace
Traffic Solutions can help arrange a one or two hour bike safety training workshop at your workplace. The full two hour class led by League Cycling Instructors (LCI's) and taught to an office group costs $300, but if you need help covering this cost, contact us and we'll let you know how to get the class for FREE! Email or call 963-SAVE.

For Individuals
Learn how to ride confidently, legally, and safely with local Street Skills clinics offered through the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. There are four mini-clinics offered every other month in which you will learn commuter skills with the time-tested curriculum of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), taught by League Cycling Instructors (LCI's). Visit for the current schedules
. Classes are free thanks to a Measure A grant.

The California Bicycle Coalition now offers adult bicyclists an online resource to learn to ride more safely and confidently. Bike Safe California explains the five essential skills of safe bicycling, based on the "layers of safety" concept taught by most League of American Bicyclists-certified bike safety instructors. Because safe riding is best learned on a bike, we encourage you to also enroll in our local Street Skills clinics in Santa Barbara.

Bike Map
Santa Barbara County Bike Map:

The Santa Barbara County Bike Map is one of the most popular items produced by Traffic Solutions. Compact enough to carry on all of your bike trips and available as a phone app, the map features bike routes throughout the county, riding tips, rules of the road, and helpful contact information.


For a $2.95 printed copy of the map, visit any bike shop in Santa Barbara County or the Downtown Santa Barbara Visitor Center. If you would like the printed map in Spanish, please email


Free options include the "Bike Map SBC" app, available for iPhone and Android phones, and PDFs by city. Links are on our bike map page.

For bike map info spanning the Counties of Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara, please visit Caltrans District 5, or download their bike guide.

Great Reasons to Bike to Work!

  • Bicycling is excellent exercise and can improve your health.

  • Reduce your contributions to air pollution.

  • Reduce your contributions to global warming.

  • Feel refreshed and invigorated when you arrive at work.

  • It's quick: many people can comfortably cycle five miles in twenty minutes.

  • It's cheap: no gas required.

  • Parking is a cinch.

  • If you bike downtown you can store your bike and shower at the Bikestation.

Tips to Get Started:

  • If you've never ridden a bike to work, determine the best route and do a "trial run" to familiarize yourself with the route, as well as check timing issues. Contact us for route planning assistance or a free bike map. (Call (805) 963-SAVE or email us - make sure to include your mailing address!).

  • Make sure you have the right equipment. Your bike doesn't have to be "top of the line" but it should be tuned up and in good working order. You should also have a helmet, reflectors, a bike light, and a basket or pannier. Don't forget a bike lock! Low cost bike helmets ($9) are available through the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department. Call (805) 681-5432 for more information.

  • Learn the Rules of the Road from the League of American Bicyclists.

Tax Benefits for Bicycle Commuters

Finally, a bicycle commuter tax provision! As of January 1, 2009, bicycle commuters are eligible for a monthly $20 reimbursement from participating employers. This equates to $240 a year to be applied toward the costs of commuting by bicycle - a new bike, maintenance, accessories, the cost of a bike storage unit, etc. However, unlike the current transportation fringe benefit offered to transit and vanpool users [IRS Code section 1.132-9. See Publication 15-B.], the funds can only come as a cash reimbursement from employers, not as a pre-tax payroll deduction from an employee's salary.

Visit the League of American Bicyclists for more details on the new bike benefit. Employers, click here to learn about lowering your company's payroll taxes.

The Commuter Challenge and the Bike Challenge:

Traffic Solutions hosts the Commuter Challenge and/or the Bike Challenge annually. Feel free to read about our most recent Commuter Challenge and Bike Challenge. The next Bike Challenge will be in May of 2016 as part of CycleMAYnia. The challenges bring a friendly, team-based competition in which teams of 5 individuals compete for fun, glory, and prizes. Points are earned by making trips by bike (during the Bike Challenge) or by bike, bus, walking, skating, carpool, vanpool, train, or telecommuting (during the Commuter Challenge), instead of by car or driving alone. As in previous years, the Challenges even feature competition amongst employers (contact us now to sign-up your company). And remember, each team needs at least two converts - newbies to biking, alternative transportation, or the challenges. Registration for these events is posted on our homepage and emailed to our newsletter followers.


More Resources:

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
The SBBC maintains some wonderful bicycle resources on their website. Please visit them for more on the following topics:

Bici Centro
Santa Barbara's bike kitchen. Where Mobility and Creativity Meet.
Part of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, Bici Centro is a low to no cost bike education program where community members learn to work on bikes in a multi-lingual, comfortable and fun setting. The folks at Bici help participants of all ages learn to rebuild good, used bikes and they maintain an inventory of used bike parts taken from otherwise broken bicycles. Bici Cento empowers its members by teaching bicycle repair, craft and creativity, as well as an appreciation of the independence and self-sufficiency the bicycle provides them.

Turning bicycle transportation into a reality
Bikestation Santa Barbara offers members secure bicycle parking, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The facility boasts 78 bicycle racks, a shower and unisex bathroom, lockers, tools, work stand, an air compressor and vending machine with bicycle accessories for purchase.  Access is limited to members and users can choose from a range of membership options ranging from daily to annual plans.

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