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The 2014 Bike Challenge FAQ Page
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Form a team and compete for fame, fitness, and to raise money for local charities and organizations May 1 - 31, 2014.

For the whole month of May, Traffic Solutions is bringing you the Bike Challenge as part of CycleMAYnia. This is our 10th annual challenge. Co-workers and friends can participate by forming a team of five and registering using their existing or new Traffic Solutions Online accounts. Teams will be competing to earn charitable contributions for organizations in SB County.

The teams that bike the most will earn the most for their chosen programs. 1st place is a $500 contribution, followed by a range of $400 to $25 contributions for the remaining top 50 ranked teams. Multiple prize drawings will also be held weekly for bike gear and gift certificates from local sponsors - Bicycle Bob’s, Open Air, VeloPro, Horny Toad Active Wear, and REI.

And since it's CycleMAYnia, there is a one-time bonus for any team that attends a CycleMAYnia event - if at least three members check-in at the event the team will earn 10 extra points!

When we bike we keep the air clean, ourselves lean and the roads clear. And on top of that, local charities and organizations will also see the benefits of cycling in the form of $3,000 from our efforts.

This year's benefitting organizations - you choose the one you'd like to support.

iCan Bike, Adapted Bike Camp - Youth and adults with disabilities learn to ride a typical two-wheeled bike in just five classes with this incredible, life enhancing program. Hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of SB County. (Donation underwritten by Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital.)

Food Bank of Santa Barbara County - Coordinates food distribution for the needy and provides education to solve hunger and nutrition problems in SB County. (Donation underwritten by Cottage Children’s Hospital.)

SB Bike's Connecting our Community - The Bicycle Coalition’s campaign to create the public and political will to win safe, continuous, comfortable and protected bikeways for ALL along SB County’s South Coast. (Donation underwritten by Yardi Systems, Inc.)

SB Open Streets - The second SB Open Streets is scheduled for fall 2014, with a route of local streets closed to cars and turned into a safe recreation zone for all ages to play, bike, skate, run and more. Program of COAST.

Print the Bike Challenge flyer for your office.
So, how does it work?

The Bike Challenge is a friendly competition with five-member teams making round-trips by bike instead of by car. Team members log each day they bike on their Commute Calendar. Teams that attend a CycleMAYnia event (at least three members sign-in) earn a one-time bonus of 10 extra points. At the end of the competition, teams ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd... 50th will earn fame and the money for their chosen programs - $25 to $500 depending on rank. Businesses can also compete for prizes and glory. The Bike Challenge is open to anyone who lives or works in Santa Barbara County, as well as local businesses. When registration opens April 9th, join a team or create a team. If you've participated in year's past, your log-in email address is still valid.

When can I register?
The Bike Challenge opens for registration April 9th at Traffic Solutions Online. If you've already created or joined a team, you can access your team page using the "My Challenge" button when you're logged in to your account as seen below.
My Challenge Button
How are teams formed?

Create your own team: Round up your friends, co-workers and family, and come up with a team name. Take some team photos and create your team on Traffic Solutions Online when registration is open in April. You can make your team "Restricted" and invite specific people to join your team or you can "Allow Anybody" to join from the online community.

Or join an existing team: Many people will have openings on their teams and will welcome you to join their team online.

Each team must have at least 2 "Converts" to qualify for prizes.
A "Convert" is either:
 Someone who hasn't participated in our past Bike Challenges – OR –
Someone who doesn't bike for transportation more than once a week on average (i.e. from Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 a convert would not have biked for transportation more than 13 days).

On the 1st of May, you will each begin to track the days you bike for transportation via your personal, web-based Commute Calendar. Registration begins April 9th, and the Challenge begins on May 1, 2014.

Basic Bike Challenge Rules:

  • Each team has no more than 5 members.
  • Each team requires a minimum of two converts to be eligible for team prizes.
  • A "Convert" is either:
    a)  Someone who hasn't participated in our past Bike Challenges – OR –
    b) Someone who doesn't bike for transportation more than once a week on average (i.e. from Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 a convert would not have biked for transportation more than 13 days).
  • Points are earned for each day a qualifying bike trip is made and logged on your Commute Calendar.
  • A qualifying bike trip is a ROUND-TRIP. A qualifying bike trip is a utilitarian trip that might have been made by car but instead was made by bike, e.g. biking somewhere like work, school, a restaurant, or a friend's house to which you would have otherwise driven or taken a bus. Bike rides simply for recreation or training don't count for points as this is a challenge to use biking for transportation.
  • All participants earn 1 point per day, regardless of the number of daily round-trips or mileage.
  • Each team member must log at least 4 days during the Challenge to qualify for final prizes and earnings.
Visit our Bike Challenge FAQ page or call us at 963-SAVE if you have more questions.
Bike buttonsRemember, there are TWO BIKE BUTTONS for you to use - one for work trips and one for non-work trips. Each type will earn your team a point for the Challenge. This addition will help us and your employers keep commuter statistics separate in the long run. If you didn't already know, the commute calendars that you use for the Bike and Commuter Challenges are the same calendars that commuters, businesses and Traffic Solutions utilize year round!
Bonus Points
  • Team Photo - upload a team photo and receive 5 bonus points for your team.
    One-time bonus.
  • CycleMAYnia event participation - if your team attends a CycleMAYnia event by bike and at least three members sign in, we will add 10 points to your team page.
    One time bonus. Earth Day excluded. If there is no sign-in at the event, email Lori at
  • Upper management team members - if your team has one member of upper management, we will add 10 points to your team page.
    One time bonus. Email the member's name and title to Lori at
Picnic What are the prizes?

For the top 50 ranking teams, the prizes are $500 to $25 charitable contributions to the program they've chosen. The higher your team ranks the more you earn for your charity! There will also be many prize drawings for gift certificates and gear donated by local shops and retailers -
Bicycle Bob's, Open Air, VeloPro and REI.

Companies that compete can win a plaque and recognition by the Goleta City Council at the Bike Challenge BBQ and Awards Ceremony on June 5, 2014.

Prizes will be awarded to:

- Top 50 ranked teams - $25 - $500 charitable contributions.
- Participants who win the weekly prize drawings for gear and certificates.

- Club 31 - Special prize drawings for individual participants who bike everyday in May.
- 1st Place Employers in five size tiers (1-10, 11-50, - 51-250, 251-500, 501+ employees)
- Individuals who win the weekly and grand prize drawings.

Team Prizes

1st $500 contribution & trophy at ceremony
2nd $400 contribution & award at ceremony
3rd $250 contribution & award at ceremony
4th - 10th $100 contribution & award at ceremony for each team
11th - 50th $25 contribution for each team

Individual Prize Drawings

Week 1 Certificates & Gear

Week 2

Certificates & Gear

Week 3

Certificates & Gear

Week 4

Certificates & Gear

Grand Prize

Commuter Bike, Certificates & Gear

The more bike days you log for the week or month, the greater your chances are of winning that drawing.

The top employer in each tier will be honored with a certificate by the Goleta City Council and Traffic Solutions.

Employer Category

# of Employees

Small Employer 1-10 employees

Small-Medium Employer

11-50 employees

Medium Employer

51-250 employees

Medium-Large Employer

251 - 500 employees

Large Employer

501+ employees 

Your company’s score for the month-long Bike Challenge will be based on: number of eligible round-trips logged by your employees ÷ total number of employees your company has in Santa Barbara County.

How do businesses compete?

Contact to register your business in the challenge. Provide your business name and the number of employees you have working for your business in Santa Barbara County. (If you have multiple offices in the county, a total employee count for all locations is what we're after.) There are five employer categories (based on size). The winner of each tier will be honored with a plaque by the Goleta City Council and Traffic Solutions.

The company rankings will be visible here. Points for businesses are gained anytime an employee logs a bike day - regardless of whose team that employee is on. The teams at your office can also include spouses and friends w/o affecting your business score.

How do I stay in the loop? 

Make sure you're signed up for our newsletters or become our fan on facebook, under Traffic Solutions or CycleMaynia :) You can also visit our Bike Challenge FAQ page or call us at 963-SAVE if you have more questions.

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