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In May, 2014 Traffic Solutions hosted its 10th Challenge. Participants in the Bike Challenge made over 8,900 bike trips in one month! Imagine, there could have been 8,900 car trips polluting, causing wear on our local streets, and producing close to 20lbs of CO2 with each gallon of gas used. Instead, we kept our air cleaner, we had A LOT MORE FUN, we got great exercise, and we reduced traffic around town.

Teams also earned charitable contributions for organizations in SB County.

1st Place Team - $500 to their non-profits

Liquid Dinosaurs
Led by captain Jason Mazzetta with members Nathan, Vincent, Brian and Al from Santa Barbara Infrared, the team made a total of 150 bike trips. They also earned 15 bonus points for attending a CycleMAYnia event and posting a team image.

2nd Place Team - $400 to their non-profits

Led by captain Lori Bell with members Ed, Omari, Shawn, and Nancy from the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, the team made a total of 139 bike trips. They also earned 25 bonus points for attending a CycleMAYnia event, having an Executive Director on their team, and posting a team image.

3rd Place Team - $250 to their non-profits

Groin Vaulted Riders

Led by Captain Natalie Greenside, with members Elizabeth, David, Matthew and Joe from Cearnal Andrulaitis LLP Architecture and Interior Design, the team made a total of 148 trips. They also earned 15 bonus points for attending a CycleMAYnia event and posting a team image.

4th - 10th Place - $100 each team to their non-profits

BikeScale - 5th
Dos Pueblos Peddlers - 6th
Laser Samosas - 6th
SBBike Number 1 - 8th
REI-GN - 9th
Masticating Marauders - 10th

Remaining top 50 Teams - $25 each team to their non-profits

DaRastaRoadrashers || Team G || Don't Hit Me Bro! || TriSep || Unicorns' Desire || CIO Solutions || Yardi Techers || Naughty Otters || Ride Everywhere || The Class IV Impacts || Spoke Too Soon || Chicks and Rick || Super Squirrels || Steelies and wheelies || The Wheelmen || Yardi Orphans || Psych-lists || Yardi Velocipedes || Cyc-o-paths || Back in the Saddle Again || Corporal Punishment || We Bike Both Ways || No Excuses II || Stripes on Bikes. Oui Oui! || Cyclopedes || BEERCICLETAS || Charismatic Megafauna || Meals on Wheels || Infinity Pedal Power || BIKERBABES || LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER || Pin Pals || el tiburon borracho || Los Cinco DFs || Behind Bars || The Burrow Biking Band || NutrientRecyclists || Montecito Bank & Trust || Pedalphiles || Yardi Awesomeness

Multiple prize drawings were also be held weekly for bike gear and gift certificates from local sponsors - Bicycle Bob's, Open Air, VeloPro and REI.

1st Place Employers

These five companies had the best employee performance in each of their respective company size categories.

Yardi Systems - 912 Bike Trips
(1st Place in tier 501+ employees)
Deckers Outdoor Corporation - 432 Bike Trips
(1st Place in tier 251-500 employees)
REI, Santa Barbara - 356 Bike Trips
(1st Place in tier 51-250 employees)
Cearnal Andrulaitis LLP Architecture and Interior Design - 148 Bike Trips
(1st Place in tier 11-50 employees)
Praevium Research, Inc. - 102 Bike Trips
(1st Place in tier 1-10 employees)

This year's benefitting organizations

iCan Bike, Adapted Bike Camp $594 - Youth and adults with disabilities learn to ride a typical two-wheeled bike in just five classes with this incredible, life enhancing program. Hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of SB County. (Donation underwritten by Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital.)

Food Bank of Santa Barbara County $792 - Coordinates food distribution for the needy and provides education to solve hunger and nutrition problems in SB County. (Donation underwritten by Cottage Children’s Hospital.)

SB Bike's Connecting our Community $1,067 - The Bicycle Coalition’s campaign to create the public and political will to win safe, continuous, comfortable and protected bikeways for ALL along SB County’s South Coast. (Donation underwritten by Yardi Systems, Inc.)

SB Open Streets $471 - The second SB Open Streets is scheduled for fall 2014, with a route of local streets closed to cars and turned into a safe recreation zone for all ages to play, bike, skate, run and more. Program of COAST.

So, how does it work?

The Bike Challenge is a friendly competition with five-member teams making round-trips by bike instead of by car. Team members log each day they bike on their Commute Calendar. Teams that attend a CycleMAYnia event (at least three members sign-in) earn a one-time bonus of 10 extra points. At the end of the competition, teams ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd... 50th earn fame and the money for their chosen programs - $25 to $500 depending on rank. Businesses can also compete for prizes and glory. The Bike Challenge is open to anyone who lives or works in Santa Barbara County, as well as local businesses. When registration opens in April, join a team or create a team.

Basic Bike Challenge Rules:

  • Each team has no more than 5 members.
  • Each team requires a minimum of two converts to be eligible for team prizes.
  • A "Convert" is either:
    a)  Someone who hasn't participated in our past Bike Challenges – OR –
    b) Someone who doesn't bike for transportation more than once a week on average (i.e. from Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 a convert would not have biked for transportation more than 13 days).
  • Points are earned for each day a qualifying bike trip is made and logged on your Commute Calendar.
  • A qualifying bike trip is a ROUND-TRIP. A qualifying bike trip is a utilitarian trip that might have been made by car but instead was made by bike, e.g. biking somewhere like work, school, a restaurant, or a friend's house to which you would have otherwise driven or taken a bus. Bike rides simply for recreation or training don't count for points as this is a challenge to use biking for transportation.
  • All participants earn 1 point per day, regardless of the number of daily round-trips or mileage.
  • Each team member must log at least 4 days during the Challenge to qualify for final prizes and earnings.
How do businesses compete?

Contact to register your business in the challenge. Provide your business name and the number of employees you have working for your business in Santa Barbara County. (If you have multiple offices in the county, a total employee count for all locations is what we're after.)

How do I stay in the loop? 

Make sure you're signed up for our newsletters or become our fan on facebook, under Traffic Solutions or CycleMaynia :) You can also visit our Bike Challenge FAQ page or call us at 963-SAVE if you have more questions.

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